In order to ensure maximum efficiency of our clients, we offer free counseling clients on the choice of modes of representation of companies desired segment of the market through the website.
If you decide that the implementation of marketing promotions to us, you need to know that our consulting services consists of five phases, which are aimed at improving sales of services or products:

Phase 1 – Analysis

Getting to know your business model for future clients. Understanding our clients’ needs and offer optimal services for a given budget.

Phase 2 – Assembling the optimal offer

Making optimal bids for the improvement of the business. Depending on the activities and objectives this can uključvati offer site optimization for search engines to identified keyword, marketing through social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), a combination of both, making the new site, content management system web site (the implementation of site changes can be done by anyone without knowledge of programming, html, etc).

Phase 3 – Implementation

This phase involves the implementation of the proposed. Depending on the complexity of the project’s duration of this phase can vary.

Phase 4 – Testing

Staff training as well as presenting details of results achieved management companies.

Stage 5 – Establishing long-term cooperation

In most cases, the ability to create long-term postojji contract in which a client leaves a partial or complete care about internet marketing Kvadra study.